General Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm – Weekends & after hours, please contact Maureen on 0274 906 490

Preferred Methods of Contact


This is the fastest and most effective contact method. Please email us at [email protected]


If you don’t have email access, alternatively you can contact us by phone.


please contact Maureen on 0274 906 490. All voice messages will be checked regularly throughout the day.


If seeking your property manager in person, please contact Moore Rentals on 07 578 1807 to make a suitable time that suits both you and your property manager.

Other Information


Rent is to always be paid on time and advance. Please refer to your tenancy agreement for more details, or contact the office.

Inspection report

Please complete, sign and return to office within 48 hours from the commencement date of your tenancy. Failure to do so, then Moore rentals Pre-Tenancy condition report will be regarded as an accurate description of the home which you are renting from.

Emergency maintenance requests

Phone 07 578 1807 during office hours. If after hours and you are leaving a voice message, please provide a full description of the issue – problem in question, and leave your full name, rental address and contact details before the end of the message.

For all general repairs

Non-urgent matters, please submit our online maintenance request form.

Property Inspections

These are conducted every 3 months. You will be notified in writing 7 -14 days prior to our inspection date, confirming a day and time for when this is to be expected.

Property keys

As a tenant Moore Rentals will provide you with a full set of keys. As a tenant you will be expected to pay for any additional keys that you may require.


Under the New Zealand’s Residential Tenancy’s Act, you are required to provide the minimum of 21 days written notice with your intentions of vacating the home. This is non- negotiable.


We advise that all tenants to insure their own contents as they will not be covered under the owners insurance.



Trust Power 0800 87 87 87 : Genesis 0800 300 400


On Gas 0800 84 12 12


Telecom 0800 800 123 : Vodafone 0800 464 484

For all other Enquiries: Please contact the office.


If you would like to apply to be a tenant with Moore Rentals, click here.