Welcome to Moore Rentals!

Your team of professional property managers

Moore Rentals has property managers that will operate in Tauranga, Omokoroa, Katikati, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke, Kaimais, Rotorua, Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Whakatāne, Ōhope Beach, Waihī + more. We are here to fulfil all of your needs, and we are here to work hard for you!

At Moore Rentals we understand that property owners want simplicity and ease of ownership. Our property managers have a particular set of skills and attributes that can help make owning rental property more profitable and exciting. One of our key goals is to consistently provide a user-friendly service to all of our clients; something we believe that the industry lacks. We are always approachable and available to take your call. Moore Rentals is here to work hard for you, your future, your family, and investment.

Our Simple Fees

No one likes a long list of fees, or even worse, hidden costs! At Moore Rentals we will be consistently transparent and honest with you. Our fees to you are kept simple, so you know exactly what you are getting.

The following fees are our only fees:

  • Fixed Management Fee
  • Tenancy Fee – One week’s rent plus GST (only applies if we find and place a tenant)

We do NOT charge you any of the following fee types:

  • Inspection fees
  • Administration fees
  • Appraisal fees
  • Photography fees
  • Annual fees
  • Disbursement fees
  • Advertising fees
  • Marketing fees
  • After-hour fees
  • Selling fees
  • Statement fees
  • Tenant screening fees
  • Credit checking fees

It is not just about money to us, it is about taking pride in who we are as people, and our brand. We are here to build a great relationship, and to operate in a way that is fair and ethically responsible.

Our approach to Letting your Home

Finding a Tenant – with our property managers

  • Perform a property appraisal
  • Establish rental rate / market value
  • Take photos
  • Advertise and market your property
  • Collate all viewing applications and discuss them with you
  • Property viewings
  • Prospective tenant screening
  • Find the best-suited tenant for your property
  • Conduct further tenant checks e.g. credit, reference, etc.
  • Organise move-in date, bond payment, and rent collection
  • Type-up an individualised tenancy agreement with your input
  • Acquire signatures
  • Collect monies
  • Conduct a ‘pre-tenancy inspection’ and comprehensive report (including taking anywhere from 100 – 1000 photos) – management only
  • Refer back to you
  • Tenant collects keys and moves in
  • Collect rent payments – management only

When advertising your property, we do not provide the property’s numerical address until all individual applications are received, and we have arranged a viewing time. At Moore Rentals we always respect current tenants’ privacy and security, as well as your own.

What our General Property Management Consists of

  • Extremely competitive rates for the service we offer
  • Fixed management fees – for the entire life of your property with us
  • Development of effective property advertising campaigns
  • Professional script/copy writing
  • High-quality photography
  • Organisation of bond lodging, refunds, and transfers
  • Enforcement to tenant of occupancy rules and requirements
  • Enforcement to tenant of standard requirements and regulations
  • Liaising with the council if necessary
  • Liaising with your insurance company if applicable
  • Timely updates to tenants and landlords about new legal obligations
  • Weekly rent collection
  • Landlord payments
  • Prepare your property’s monthly financial statements and supply any invoices paid
  • Supply up-to-date information on your property
  • Organisation of quotes regarding maintenance/construction requests
  • Officiating, liaising and management of maintenance/construction works
  • Re-evaluation of property rental rates
  • Pre-tenancy inspections and comprehensive reporting
  • Three-monthly / Routine inspections
  • Final (exit) inspections
  • Payment of water invoices and invoicing of tenants
  • Liaising with other property managers on your behalf if required
  • Liaising with your chosen external selling agents in the event of selling or buying
  • Methamphetamine test advice and arrangement at your request
  • Prompt and clear communication from us to you
  • Make sure you are overly satisfied with our service
  • + much, much more

What else we do when problems arise

  • Resolve general tenancy problems
  • Negotiate and manage disputes
  • Carry out evictions
  • Investigate and resolve complaints
  • Take tenants to Tenancy Tribunal

Extra Services

At Moore Rentals we realise that no property, or owner, is the same, but we want to make things as easy and carefree as possible for all of our clients. We promise to always try our best to fulfil any requests or needs that you may have. When Moore Rentals manages your property, we alter our service to fit your needs. Instead of a rigid approach, we operate in an adaptable and flexible manner, whilst still maintaining professionalism. We do this by modifying our service structure to suit your interests. Here at Moore Rentals, we understand the importance of change, development, and growth. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service.

We work with you on your terms and give you the option to be involved as much as you like. Some owners like to just receive the rent payments and leave the rest to us. Others like to be fully informed of all changes, and like to be fully involved in all decision making. Moore Rentals is entirely flexible.

Are Property Managers Essential?

We often hear of owners wanting to leave the rental market. This is usually because of their bad experience self-managing, stricter regulations, or because of their experience with an incompetent property manager. We encourage owners in this situation to give Moore Rentals a try. It is our mission to make sure you love owning rental property.  We want to give you an enjoyable, and profitable experience. Moore Rentals does not want to just be an underwhelming, money maintenance service provider.

Moreover, during the last few years, property management and ownership obligations have undergone significant transformation. There is currently a stronger need for property managers. Now, more than ever, when you have a property manager, they need to be professional, skilled, experienced, and equipped to meet shifting demand. If you require the services of a property manager, it is essential that you choose a firm you can wholeheartedly trust.

Moore Rentals has drawn up over 1500 tenancy agreements since establishment in 2010. Our property managers know how to substantially screen and moderate applications and our experience helps to mitigate your risk, in this worrying part of the process. With us, your property will have the best suited tenants our property managers can find. We have a rigid and comprehensive screening process, which all prospective tenants must submit to when they apply. Moore Rentals can conduct credit checks, reference checks, and social media checks. Alongside this, we can also conduct police checks if you or we deem necessary. However, these can take up to three weeks to come through. 

Selecting the right property managers

Selecting the right property management organisation is one of the most fundamental decisions you will make. The decision can make a difference not only to your overall return, but also to the enjoyment of your investment.

The property manager selection process requires you to thoughtfully make a decision. This is because, that decision usually creates a medium- to long-term working relationship. You need to feel comfortable with your selection, as the relationship needs to be transparent and communicative. Rest assured, when you choose Moore Rentals, you will be joining hundreds of happy New Zealand property owners, who have put their faith and confidence in us to professionally manage their property.

Changing property managers? We can help!

Moore Rentals can help by making the property manager switching transition easier. We can do this by contacting your current property manager on your behalf, and perform a change of management authority for you. This means less work for you and an easy transition.

No property management company operates in the same way, nor do they all have the same quality of service. We ask you to highly consider Moore Rentals as the organisation you would like to work with because we guarantee that we will do our utmost best to satisfy your needs. 

Self-management? Sure, our property managers can still help!

If you think self-management is what you want to do, we may still be able to help. We offer a casual letting service, which means we can still help you find tenants, but you miss out on our management benefits. Moore Rentals will still conduct our thorough screening process and, market, advertise, promote, and show potential candidates through your home. Then after a suitable tenant is found, we can type up a tenancy agreement for you, collect monies, lodge bonds, and then leave you alone. Self-managing a property can be exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding. 

However, on the flip-side, self-managing can often be a nightmare, which requires a lot of work for many landlords. We will make sure your rent is collected, deal with disputes, complications, and the overall day-to-day operations and running of your investment property. Current media information suggests that it is increasingly difficult to own and manage a rental property independently. The obligations and restrictions imposed on owners are now very acute. Expectations, regulations, and obligations are ever-increasing, which is why it is imperative, now, more than ever, to have a professional body, look after your home.

Moreover, if you are not consistently and actively keeping up-to-date with new information, you can be met with some shocking and unpleasant surprises. Often times when self-managing, the cost outweighs the benefit, one small error, can sometimes become a costly mistake. Other than financial costs, having a professional body look after your property, will also reduce the personal time consumption and stress that comes alongside. Having a property manager will free up your time, so you can focus on the things you love. You can depend on Moore Rentals to fulfill your vision!

Property Inspections

One of our experienced property managers will complete your inspections

At Moore Rentals we understand the importance of thorough, comprehensive and frequent inspections – we do not do the bare minimum. We know sufficient, timely, free-from-error inspections are a high priority to you as the owner. At Moore Rentals we conduct three types of inspections: pre-tenancy inspections, routine inspections, and final inspections.

Pre-tenancy property inspection

During a pre-tenancy inspection, we will go through your property and take in excess of 100 images, and sometimes up to 1000 images. We create a photographic portfolio, then complete a form, which outlines the property’s interior and exterior details and condition. We do this as a safeguard, to protect your property, in the case of any future disputes that arise from damages or other e.g. crack in a tile.

Routine property inspection

These are periodic inspections, which each property undergoes up to four times per year. During a routine inspection, we will enter the property after giving notice to the tenant and inspect for any damage, maintenance issues, or any activity that is not approved. Our agent will check every room, corner, nook, and cranny that we legally can, to ensure your property is being taken care of and respected in the way it should. We always complete an inspection form and we take photos when necessary, as long as it does not invade tenants’ privacy.

Final property inspection

At the end of the tenancy, a thorough inspection is always performed. This is paramount, as the bond release is often dependent on the state in which your property is left. If ever your property is left not meeting the standard, then we would use the bond to rectify any works that need to be completed e.g. cleaning.


One of the most stressful things property owners have to worry about is rent collection. We understand that property owners have different needs, and bills to be paid. Our agents are constantly making sure tenants do not get behind because we do not tolerate or appreciate a tenancy agreement being broken.

Establishing rental rates

We work with you to establish a rental rate that is profitable, fair, and marketable. If your property’s rent is established incorrectly (too high or too low), you can unnecessarily miss out on rent collection. When priced too high, a loss of a week’s or more worth of rent, can take a long time to recover for a few extra dollars. If it is priced too low, then you cannot implement a price increase for at least one year. At Moore Rentals, we try to establish the optimal rate, where your property can flourish at equilibrium. Our collective years of experience, and understanding of marketing and finances, will help your investment property be stable and profitable. Invest in us to invest in you! With us you can always set a rent price that you wish to achieve.

Our Business Management Structure

At Moore Rentals we operate on a horizontal based management structure. Which means, we have a minimal hierarchy in our work place. Your viewings, inspections, correspondence, and finances are not spread thinly across lots of different people. Part of our workplace culture here at Moore Rentals is that we are all equal; we all do the same job. You can contact any member of our professional team at anytime, and you can choose who you deal with. We have established a cohesive, efficient, and positive work environment. This increases productivity and creates a better, more superior, effective, and pleasant service for you.


At Moore Rentals we put heart, soul, and love into our work and we get excited about new challenges. Our comprehensive management plan is always flexible to your needs. We understand that owners have various demands, so we do our best to amalgamate those with our knowledge and experience.

Moore Rentals will free up your time, obtain your rent, liaise between parties, and monitor the care of your property. This means we can help reduce the stress of day-to-day management. With us, you will be able to watch your investment flourish, as we weed the garden and you pick the flowers.

At Moore Rentals your satisfaction and happiness is our number one priority. We know that without all of our happy customers, we would not be as successful as we are today. We look forward to hearing from you.