About Us

Our Mission

To provide Landlords and Tenants with a first-class communication service – helping to effectively create a cohesive management experience. Answering the phone when it rings, returning phone calls, properly listening to what a client actually wants – always being available, even outside of office hours. We aim to always be kind and go the extra mile for clients. We want to be the property managers everybody wants to have.

Our Vision

We want to become a modern pioneer in the local property management industry. To date, property management has been very pen-and-paper. We want to continue to welcome new data, software developments, industry insights, and housing advancements. We want to continue to learn and discover newer, better, more effective, and efficient ways to provide our clients with an “A grade” service. Using these tools we hope to expand Moore Rentals to service the whole Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions.

Who we are as Property Managers

Moore Rentals has a team that offers a wide array of skills, and knowledge. Accumulatively, we have worked in real estate, owned rentals, owned other investment properties, owned businesses, and more. Furthermore, we have many years of experience dealing with properties from the low-end, to the high-end of the market. Our friendly team is also experienced in appraisals and we are confident tenant screeners. We are a family-owned and operated enterprise, which operates on a flat management structure, so properties are never spread too thinly over multiple staff members. We all contribute to the same job, which makes us a well-informed team. 

At Moore Rentals, we promise to do our best to provide first-class communication, flawless transparency, effortless rent collection, and prompt payment delivery. Moreover, we promise to provide high quality services, at an affordable rate – we follow through.

The Moore Rentals team does its best to influence the industry in a positive manner. We do this by providing a kind, factual, upfront, and honest service. It is paramount for our clients to know that they can always approach us with any concerns they have. We are a friendly team and we are always happy to talk. Moore Rentals is a private property management company that respects client privacy. Above all, our workplace is not only efficient but also a positive environment for all staff and clients.

Don’t miss out, give us a call!

Maureen Moore our Executive Director conducts and manages the day-to-day operations of Moore Rentals Ltd. Maureen founded Moore Rentals in 2010, with a goal to provide more attentive, responsive, and transparent service. Today, this is still Moore Rentals’ main mission.

Maureen has now been working in the property management industry for 25 years, and during this time she has owned rental properties herself and owned other successful business – she acutely relates to investment ownership. Maureen says “I thoroughly enjoy my work and thus far it has been a great pleasure helping thousands of owners and tenants become happy customers”.

With Maureen’s tenacity and pioneering spirit, she started Moore Rentals Ltd. Maureen knew she could offer a better service, and she believed she could operate the best firm in the region. She was going to create a firm that fundamentally operated on quality, honesty, transparency, and punctual communication. Moore Rentals Ltd was born.