We Do More Rentals.

Moore Rentals Ltd was originally established as a Tauranga Property Management company in 2010. Over our operating life, we have grown extensively. We have now spread to the wider region and beyond, managing properties from Katikati through to Te Puke. We have also recently completed a successful trial managing properties in Hamilton. At Moore Rentals, we understand the importance of change, flexibility, and growth. We recognise these attributes are often what owners are also looking for when they approach us. Moore Rentals is a positive change, our management is flexible, and we focus on investment growth for you.

More Value. More Benefits. Moore Rentals.

Over the years, Moore Rentals has seen a significant change in the way property managers and firms now operate. Most notably, the business environment has become increasingly more competitive. Due to this, there has been various positive outcomes for owners. Owners now have a lot more consumer choice among service quality, and management structure. Another positive comes from competitive pricing, as owners can now get better rates and a better return. In other words, owners can now receive a more affordable, premium service.

In contrast to this, the change in the business environment has its downfalls. Firstly, there is currently no formal qualifications or experience required to act as a property manager in New Zealand. As a result, this has lead to an increase of unskilled, and inadequate property managers taking care of homes. Secondly, we are often contacted by owners who self-manage, and now want the services of a property manager. Usually because they are finding it increasingly difficult to self-manage independently, as rental property regulations and owner obligations get tougher.

At Moore Rentals, we understand that the purpose of having a property manager is to make life easier for you. Furthermore, we know that you want simplicity, ease of ownership, and profitable experience. So we are here to offer a simple and upfront fee structure.

The following fees are our only fees:

  • Non-increasing Management Fee: 8%
  • Tenanting Fee: One week’s rent plus GST
  • – Selling fee – only applies if management notice period broken

We do NOT charge you any of the following fee types:

  • – Inspection fees
  • – Administration fees
  • – Appraisal fees
  • – Photography fees
  • – Annual fees
  • – Disbursement fees
  • – Advertising and Marketing fees
  • – Statement fees
  • – Tenant screening / vetting fees – including credit checks

To understand more about our Tauranga Property Management service and what we can offer you, please visit our Landlords Page or Call Us straight away!

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